This is a quote that is attributed to Tony Robbins
There are no truer words than these, in the game of hockey.
This is the time of year, that poor decisions, that players have made, come “home to roost”.
Everyday,  at this time of the year, we receive calls from players and parents asking for help, because their sons are not getting the playing time they were promised, or  because they are being released from their teams.
Decisions made with ego, instead of using one’s common sense, usually come back to haunt players.
Over the years, we have seen too many promising hockey careers come to an abrupt end, while other (what appeared to be) less promising hockey careers flourish, because of the type of decisions that are made.
I started writing an article over a month ago, and almost every day since I have heard from someone who realized that they had run into a dead end. In many cases, they had realized this too late, and there was nothing that we could do to help, and in some limited cases it was realized early enough that we could help make a difference.
I constantly remind players that “it is the things that they do not know, that they do not know, that will make the biggest differences in their destiny”….., and likely cause them the biggest grief in this game of hockey!