In light of some of the recent discussions, which have been taking place in the North America regarding Prep School living and extra-curricular activities, many which have been described in Mark Judge’s book. “Wasted: Tales of a Gen X Drunk,” where he details his experiences while attending a prep school.
Judge writes that he is “shocked” about what he got away with in high school — recalling beach parties that hundreds of people would attend.
In another section within his book, he describes his high school as “positively swimming in alcohol.”
I am not going to dare get into the politics involved, and what has brought this book into the public focus, or to delve into the activities that are described in the book.
I simply wish to remind people that important background research needs to be made prior to important decisions being made at a time in a young person’s life.
Decisions regarding hockey, and prep schools (in general), as with Junior programs, , have the potential of resulting in dire  “life consequences”.
Over the years, I have been told very similar stories about several prep schools and academies, and we also have been told incredible stories about amazing schools.
In our opinion, there is nothing (hockey, academics, etc.) that outweighs the importance of a safe and wholesome environment.
Last Spring, we asked our readers to send stories of the “good, bad, and ugly”, regarding JUNIOR programs, throughout North America.
We received over 1,500 responses and the input was invaluable. Most of the stories, of course, were less than positive, regarding various programs, for various reasons…, and we understand that.
With most of the stories, we did our own research, and we were able to determine what really had happened, and what was the experience of those families, and the resulting benefit or damages to their young men. In a few situations, we notified the authorities, and they became involved.
We found it to be a very valuable exercise, within our professional advisory firm, as we then were to provide insight to our clients, in helping them make wise decisions.
We provided information to our readers, based on those stories, and already this year (less than a couple of weeks in), we have received notes from families who have found the same conditions, we had warned our readers about.
We are now conducting a survey of player and family experiences regarding North American PREP SCHOOLS. We plan to publish a summary of our findings, after compiling the responses.
We are interested in comments in the following areas; i) the hockey experience, ii) the academic experience, iii) lthe iving experience (including dorms), and iv) other comments based on your personal experiences.. Please be sure to pass along your positive, as well as your negative, comments.