groupstandingfornewsletterWelcome to our October ’17 newsletter.
With the new season underway, we are extremely busy with ongoing junior trades, and the movement of players at all levels of hockey, for various reasons.
It is beginning to get to the time of year when players who are considering prep school options for next year, need to begin to get their “ducks in a row”, and for those who believe that they need help getting to the proper spot, please do not hesitate to reach out to us to discuss that possibility.
Players are starting to get invites to various  summer showcase events. Everyday, we get asked by our clients, which are the best ones for them, and it truly is based on personal circumstances.
We suggest showcase events based on the things that we know about our player clents. For example, why would a player who wishes to attend a college for Engineering, attend an event that only has liberal arts and business school recruiters at it? Interesting, right!! Especially when another event is possibly occurring (on the same weekend) with 6-7 Engineering programs in attendance.
Knowing what we know about a player’s grades in school, might suggest to us the best events that match a client. Which events are attended by college recruiters which might be an academic match.
Keeping track of the colleges that we know will need a high impact right shot defenceman, as a 2019 freshman, might indicate which would be the proper event to attend to get seen by the most appropriate recruiter. These are the sorts of things that we can help with.
We often say, “It’s the things that you don’t know, that you don’t know…”.
We know the “ins and outs” of helping players and their families make the right decisions, and make the right choices, to maximize their chances of playing at the right U-18, Prep School, Junior, and at College programs. It’s our full-time work….. “it’s what we do…..”
Let us know if you think we can help you make the right decisions, to get noticed….., and we can discuss the possibility of working together.
David, John and Brad