portraitSuitcoat100This is just a short note to accompany the articles that are attached, within our September newsletter.
We hope that you are able to gain something from at least one of this articles.
With the hockey season again starting up, we are very optimistic that everyone is going to have a productive and safe year.
Having been in the advisory industry for over fourteen years, and experiencing “first-hand” how this journey usually rolls out for those players who are able to leverage their hockey skills, while eventually earning a university education, we are quite sure that players and their families can gain a lot of insight through the experience of others, whose stories are often included in these monthly publications.
As professionals, we are able to bring a sense of clarity to the process, and to help players take the appropriate steps to get the proper exposure, and make the proper decisions, to help maximize their potential to play at the levels that they wish, in the future.
Realizing that thExtra Bonus Buttone “Mental Game” is so important in the process, for a limited time we have made arrangements for new clients of Hockey Family Advisor to receive a free enrollment for the “Be World Class” program, offered by John Haime, President of New Edge Performance and a High Performance Coach.
John is a World-Class Coach in the area of performance, and one of the world’s leading authorities in Emotional Intelligence as it relates to performance in sport.
John has personally coached leading professional and elite amateur athletes, corporate athletes and artists in a variety of performance areas. He is a sought after speaker by sports and corporate groups around the globe.
The Program that we have arranged to have John offer to our upcoming clients, is a twelve week Program, that will help our clients formally develop the mental & emotional “muscles” necessary to be a consistent, sustainable high performer.
Over the years, we have found that the “Mental Game” is the most often the difference between those athletes that excel in the game of hockey, and those that do not.
At Hockey Family Advisor, we are refining our Programs to become more interactive with our clients, and to enable a more transparent approach to how we deliver our services and systems.
Bradley1 With NameJohnPortrait100Over the next few months, there will be exciting changes to our website, as the next generation of Advisors become more involved, and we continue to offer one-to -one services to our clients, and their families.
As one of the pioneers in this industry, and being involved for as long as we have, only emphasizes the importance of offering great services, and unparalleled results…., which is really what our business is all about.
It’s all about you….., and it is all about the process…….
Let us put our many years of developing our networks, and being  “in the trenches”, to help your player  reach his/her academic and athletic potential.
Contact us today for a free consultation, or click the pop-up to make an appointment to speak to one of our advisors.
Have a great season