portraitSuitcoat100We recently spoke with one of our clients (a 1996 born player)) who is just about to begin his NCAA D-1 college hockey career this Fall.
As a 16 year old, this young man, was drafted very high in one of the major junior leagues of the Canadian Hockey League.
Shortly after being drafted in the CHL, we met with he and his family, and spoke of his options.
He chose the “path less traveled“, making him unique from the other players in the area which he grew up playing hockey with.
In doing so, he was in constant conflict with “his ego”, and had to put aside the opinions of many of his friends, family and teammates.
Over the past 4 years, he has experienced much pressure to join the CHL team which had drafted him. This pressure came from coaches, players, friends, and family.
He resisted the temptation…. Now, the reward.
JohnPortrait100During our most recent conversation, we asked him, “Of all the friends, who you grew up playing hockey with…., who played at least 1 game in the CHL (including an exhibition game)….., how many will be playing during the upcoming season?” His response “only one or two are still playing”.
We then asked him, “As a percentage. of the friends, who you grew up with playing hockey and who had chosen to step on the ice to play a game of major junior hockey [(including exhibition games) which is one of the many reasons that can cause a player to lose their NCAA Eligibility], how many will be attending college or university this Fall? His response was. “Maybe 10-20%”.
Just a few years ago, many of those players were highly regarded, elite-level hockey players.
Over the years. most of those other players had made some costly mistakes that ultimately shortened their hockey careers….., and prevented them from later being able to go to university.
Many of his friends’ hockey careers have now come to an end, while our client’s career is really just beginning to get “revved up”.
Bradley1 With NameHe was able to develop the fine points of his game at Junior “A” (which is where 90% of his friends ended up playing as well, after extinguishing their NCAA Eligibility) , and now he will will have 4 more years to take his game to the next level, while earning a earning a degree on a full scholarship (value approaching $400,000).
According to the latest stats, 32% of all players in the NHL played NCAA hockey, and so his chances of playing professional hockey following his college hockey days, are pretty good, if he wishes.
During our time working with  this client, we have helped him make strategic decisions that ultimately led him to earn a scholarship and continue his hockey career in the NCAA.
Our staff at Hockey Family Advisor, have the experience and expertise in guiding and advising clients in making the right decisions.
We have a strong network of hockey coaches and recruiters throughout North America, that enables us to place our players in the “right programs”, and help them make proper strategic plans, where they can achieve tremendous success, while they work towards reaching their academic and academic dreams.
Over the past 15-20 years, we have met tens of thousands of hockey players.
After explaining that we help players make strategic decisions, and promote them, to enable them to eventually play NCAA College Hockey, we have heard hundreds of present and former CHL players say, “If I had to do it all over again, that’s what I’d do….”.
We have never (not even once) heard a player who chose the NCAA Route, say the same.
LastMinuteKeep all your options open, for as long as you can.
Keep in mind, that “it is likely the things that you do not know, that you do not know“, that will likely prevent you from possibly leveraging your hockey skills to be able to help pay for an education.
It’s what we do for a living, and we can put our experience for work for you. We do it full-time everyday.
We have helped hundreds of players achieve their academic and athletic goals.
Most families only get one chance to travel this path once (if they are lucky). We recommend that you get it right the first time.
If you think that we can help you make great athletic and life decisions, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here.
David, John and Brad