We are pleased to welcome you all to our July Newsletter.
Each month we distribute at least one of these newsletters, in which we compile articles that we think will be of interest to young hockey players and their families.
Many years ago, when we first got into the hockey advisory profession, we decided to concentrate on helping male hockey players.
Because of the careful and important decisions that needed to be made by young men as early as in grade 9, to possibly leverage their hockey skills to receive future educational benefits, we felt that this was a good niche.
Male players have traditionally had to consider options that could possibly disqualify them from the possibility of ever earning a post-secondary education, while playing hockey, and so that has been where we have concentrated our expertise..
femalehockey4As you can imagine, over the years, we have managed to make a tremendous number of contacts within the hockey world, and in recent years we have found that many of those contacts are now involved in female hockey (from bantam and midget hockey coaches to prep school, college and university coaches to a number of Olympic and National team coaches coaches…. and everything in between).
We regularly hear from these coaches and athletic directors, asking about female players who might be the younger sisters of existing (and past) male clients.
Each week, we hear from Prep Schools and Colleges looking for female player leads.
For example, within the past week, we have heard from a dozen colleges and universities still looking for players for this coming Fall. During the same period, we have heard from prep schools also looking for players with the right mix of athletic and academic attributes.
Bradley1 With NameJohnPortrait100Just last week, we made several female player recommendations to prep schools and college programs for the Fall of 2017. We closely examined the player attributes and the college fits. In each case, those players will receive financial packages to attend.
As part of our services for families, we have now decided to expand our staff and offer an Advisory Program for a limited number of female hockey players.
We will soon begin to make some introductions of our new affiliations and staff members.
We have spent the past few months, conducting research and speaking to a large number of female coaches, and educating them about our professional services.
In addition to last month’s introduction to our Code of Ethics, and our new Female Program, the next few months will also involve the introduction of several new exciting initiatives which will ensure that our clients are Top of Mind with hockey programs throughout North America, and will prove to serve our American, Canadian, European and Asian clients very well, as they make important decisions to maximize their future options while pursuing their academic and athletic dreams.
If you wish to speak to us about our professional services, I invite you to contact us at your convenience through email at info@hockeyfamilyadvisor.com.
Wishing you all the very best, I remain,