portraitSuitcoat100I hope this newsletter finds you well.
There are lots of very important decisions to make over the next short while for many young hockey players and their families.
For many, these will be “Life Decisions”, and will forever influence what the rest of your life will bring.
I remind all players and families that not everything is it appears in the hockey world.
We remind people to make decisions based on “fact” and on “reality”, and based on “fact”….., and not on “ego”.
There are very exciting times ahead, indeed, but remember that hockey in a means to accomplish things that might otherwise not be possible. Please take full advantage if you can.
At this time of the year, I am reminded of something that a player once told me. As a young man, he was extremely wise.
He said that as he was coming along as a midget player and about to make important decisions, he went back over the rosters of previous midget teams and identified where players had ended up who were the “same player” as he was.
He said, “It’s easy to get caught up on the hype”.
He looked at similar players from the past 10 years, who had similar points to what he had, and played a similar game. He then reached out to them and found out what their experience was like as they came along, and the benefits that they had been able to leverage while using their hockey skills.Image result for important decisions ahead
As a player or parent, it is easy to identify the best players in the world and “how things worked out for them”, but “are you going to walk in their footsteps”.
If you are a “third line grinder”, talk to other third line grinders, and find out what their experience was like. Not every player, on every team, gets treated the same. Find out what other similar players experiences were like.
Spend some time on this, as the decisions that many players will make in the next 60 days will affect the rest of their lives. It truly will.
We often get calls from players “after the fact”, asking for help, and it is most often too late. The simple decision that may provide 20 minutes of bliss. may cause a lifetime of regret.
I remind parents that “adult decisions” need to be made, and it is easy to “leave decisions up to the person (player) who you may think knows the most about the game and what is best for them”, but…..
I remind all that at some point the game will be over, and life goes on.
Important “Life Decisions” are ahead.
All the very best to all, as you make these important determinations.
If you think we can help, please send us a message at info@hockeyfamilyadvisor.com