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Welcome To This Week’s Newsletter

Just a very quick hello, and welcome to this week’s newsletter.

Entering the holiday season, I hope all is well, and that things are progressing as you had hoped (they would) for the current hockey season.

As we wrap up the first half of the season, many will be trying to make decisions regarding future playing opportunities.

The primary purpose why I produce these newsletters is to remind players that there are many options available.

I remind players that it is not necessary to “leave things to chance”, similar to a situation like standing along the gym walls at a school dance waiting for someone to ask you “to dance”. I suggest that all players should be proactive in the pursuit of future opportunities.

There are excellent opportunities out there for those who wish to explore them.

If you are looking to make strategic decisions, I have attached a few articles that I hope you will find interesting, and will begin to get the juices flowing.

For those who are considering prep schools for next year, the ideal time to be making inquiries is now. Even if you are not interested in possibly attending until the following school year, it is not too early to be actively looking.

I remind those who are interested in pursuing an American college hockey career, to register for the NCAA Clearinghouse and to double check to make sure that you are on track for the core courses required from your 8 semesters of high school, and for those looking to play midget and junior hockey next season, you should let coaches know that you are interested.

Let us know if you would like our assistance at ensuring that you are properly being considered for available spots for next season.


David MacDonald, SPAD
Hockey Family Advisor


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