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With tryouts finalized for most hockey programs, and most movement of players almost completed (except for Juniors), the world is beginning to slow down a bit.

Now it’s time to begin concentrating on helping players identify opportunities and make strategic decisions regarding next season, and beyond.We have already secured placements for some players for 2012-13.

I often hear about the “luck” that some players seem to have. Have you ever wondered why some players seem to have all the “luck”?

I often remind players that (likely) the harder they work, the “luckier” they will get…. (it’s one of my favorite quotes and is attributed to Samuel Goldwyn).

Although “luck” does sometimes play into it, the fact is that those players (and their families)  have usually made proper strategic decisions (and done their work) along the way. They are proactive in their inquiries and promotional activities and do not leave things up to chance. It takes significant time and know-how (or lucky guessing) to help leverage a player’s hockey skills and academic credentials to get to the next level(s).

One of the articles in this week’s newsletter mentions one of the tools that a player can use to be proactive in his search for future opportunities.

As a partner in the HockeyResumes project, we will be using the HockeyResumes.com website to help promote our clients, and will mention it to coaches on a daily basis, and ask them to regularly visit it to follow our clients and friends.

If you have received this message, you are invited to sign up for a Premium Account at the HockeyResumes.com website at no cost. This offer is being made to the subscribers of this newsletter and invites them to take advantage of the invitation over the next few days while the site is going through various trials during it’s upgrade.

If you ever think we can help, please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience.


David MacDonald, SPAD
Hockey Family Advisor




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