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Two Neat On-line Services That You Might Want To Check Out


Nearly a million athletes over the age of 14 participate in North American hockey leagues each year. PlayingUpHockey.com is a social media hockey website designed for these boys and girls to interact, share stats, post highlight videos, discuss camps, learn about hockey programs, and gain exposure to the scouts and coaches that matter most. And PlayingUpHockey has a powerful data engine allowing scouts and coaches at all levels the ability to query potential players based on personal profiles and accomplishments both on and off the ice.

NHL legend, Phil Esposito, is leading the charge as PlayingUpHockey.com helps aspiring hockey players showcase their talent, get exposure, and get recruited to play at the next level.

At the playingUpHockey website, players can start by creating a profile this summer, and then stay tuned as more features and programs get added at the start of the hockey season. Every one who signs up has the chance to win a visit from Phil who will coach a practice and teach you the tricks of the trade.

Visit PlayingUphockey and tell them that David of Hockey family Advisor sent  you….



Online Education | Sports

Sean O’Brien is The Founder of Educate Athletes, the newest online education resource for athletes and professionals. Educate Athletes welcomes high school students, college students and professionals from across Sports and Corporate America that share a drive to improve.

Sean’s services offer valuable programs delivered in proprietary learning management systems unique to each program.

Previous to Educate Athletes, Mr. O’Brien became known for building one of the most successful brands in athletic development at Perfect Competition.

Perfect Competition accounted for helping over: 300 athletes achieve college scholarships, 120 NFL draft picks improve their draft status, and over 200 MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL veterans improve their performance, while helping over 5,000 youth athletes achieve new heights in their development.

Sean is now a sought after speaker on both player development and sports business.

Sean spent 8 years as a professional hockey player in all levels of pro hockey including the NHL, AHL, IHL, ECHL and IIHF. Sean is also a key figure in USA Hockey in Florida; he is currently the Director of Player Development and an Executive Board Member. He has helped hockey players get to the USHL, NCAA and the NHL. Mr. O’Brien graduated from Princeton University with a BA in economics, while playing 4 years of College hockey.

in the video below, Sean talks to Brian Burke about his thoughts on the importance of an education.


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