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Sports Genetics is changing the game of Hockey

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Some of our clients at Hockey Family Advisor have recently been working with a new company called Athletigen.

Athletigen is a Sports Genetics company that links science to athletic performance. The results from being able to put that knowledge to work has been simply phenomenal.

Brad Marchand, of the Boston Bruins, says “In today’s NHL, simply working hard is not enough. Using Athletigen ensures that I am exhausting my efforts in the right direction. Knowing my genetics means that there is no wasted effort. Athletigen has shown me that they are working just as hard as I am. It feels good to work with a company that is so invested in being the best.”



Training, diet, and other factors play a large role in developing your potential, but studies have shown that our genes can impact our performance too.

Athletigen helps you as professionals and amateur athletes become better, stronger, and faster by leveraging the knowledge buried in your DNA.

Athletigen has analyzed the latest genetic studies that are relevant to exercise physiology, athletic performance, and nutrition for you so they can use cutting-edge science to guide your ideal training programs. This knowledge contributes to your strategic plan to ensure it works best to optimize strength, conditioning, recovery, nutrition, and overall performance. By optimizing your performance strategies, and avoiding injury, athletes can perform at their maximum potential longer.

For many of our readers and subscribers, we recommend Athletigen and think it can make a huge difference with making off-season choices and getting ready for next season.

Know your Body, Own your Sport. Visit athletigen.com to learn more.





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