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Subscriber Lobster Contest Announced

We are now closing in on 20,000 hockey-family subscribers to our newsletter, which is quite the feat considering that  just a few years ago, we started with the mailing list of 2 midget hockey teams.

Over the years, we have published well over a a thousand articles, most of which are available to view on our website. We believe that we have one of the largest collections of articles having to do with youth and hockey, especially as it has to do with student-athletes, and the possibilities associated with leveraging one’s hockey skills to achieve an education.

To celebrate the accomplishment, and in an attempt to reach even further the hockey community, we are offering a contest whereby we are asking our readers to spread the word about our electronic publication through email and social media.

Of the new subscribers over the next month, we will draw a name and ask them to answer  a skill-testing question, and if they get it right, the person whose name (e-mail address) we draw and the person who (they say) referred them to our website to sign up will each win 20 pounds of lobster, which we will ship “live” to anywhere in the World.

Please begin, by Liking Us today, on the page above, and spread the word through Twitter , Facebook and Linked-in…. as well as any hockey e-mailing list that you are on (such as your hockey team list).

Just mention the contest and our newsletter, and let them sign up.

Thank-you for your continual support, and we look forward to continuing our newsletter for years to come.

Let us know if you have any ideas or articles to contribute,



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