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Crosby, Giroux take part in sledge hockey game in awesome video

By: Jared Clinton


(via YouTube)


One of the most underrated aspects of hockey is the way it brings people together, be it to play, watch, or simply talk about the game. Sledge hockey does just the same, and in a new ad for Gatorade, some of the NHL’s brightest stars tried their hand at a different brand of puck.

The NHL stars, which included Pittsburgh Penguins superstar Sidney Crosby, Philadelphia Flyers captain Claude Giroux, and Avalanche young gun Nathan MacKinnon, took part in the sledge hockey game with the Cruisers sledge hockey team. The whole thing was filmed under the guise of this being a documentary, so when Crosby and Co. stepped out onto the ice, it took the team by surprise. You can check it out below.


It’s incredible to see the respect the NHL players have for the sledge hockey players, including Columbus Blue Jackets winger Scott Hartnell saying he just wished the stick was longer so he could hook or trip another player. It’s proof what great athletes the entire Cruisers team is, and how incredibly talented they are on their equipment. In one of the associated videos, Crosby even admits he knew he had to change up his style on the sled if he had any chance of even taking part in the game. It’s an interesting look at how these players view an alternative to their professional game.

The entire video goes to show just how important hockey can be in the lives of some, too. As Cruisers goaltender Kevin Duchane says, this gave him the opportunity to play with and against some of the players he always believed he could, and you can see the respect each NHLer has for just how these players show their dedication to the sport they all love.


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