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Mid-Summer Reading and Tryout Tips


portraitSuitcoat100I just thought that I would put out a quick newsletter that includes some good mid-summer reading material.

It is a great time to be thinking about tryouts and also to practice reading as you get ready to head back to school.

Reading an article written by Maria Mountain last week, she pointed out some good tips for tryouts. I have included them below. Maria is a Fitness Coach in Ontario, and has a very impressive background.

She reminds us that;

  • If the coach is talking, look right at him, listening to their words.  Even if you are paying attention, but looking away from the coach – the coach will assume you are not interested in what he or she has to say.
  • Never be the last one on the ice or the first one off.  If you have the opportunity to get on the ice early or stay a little longer, take it – you always have things to work on.  Show the coach you are a self-directed learner who is willing to put in extra effort without being asked or told.
  • When it comes time to do conditioning drills, go hard right from the start.  I hate it when I run conditioning drills and one kid is in the bottom half of the group for the first 8 reps and then on the last rep they are 15 meters ahead of everyone.  To me that screams, “I was doggin’ it for the first 8 reps so I could look good on the last one!”  Don’t do that, work hard every rep!
  • Encourage your fellow players – that shows you have character and that you are interested in making the entire group better.
  • Ask questions.  If you are not sure what to do or how to play your position better, do not be shy to ask the coach.  Again this shows you are trying to be better every day and that you respect the coach’s opinion.

Anyways, I hope all is going well with your summer training.

All the very best as you get ready for the upcoming season,


David MacDonald, SPAD
Hockey Family Advisor


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