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Hockey Without Borders

Where sport and cultures meet

I thought that you’d be interested in tknowing more about this organization.. It is a non-profit organization that promotes peace, through the game of hockey.

HSF is an organization that promotes, supports and encourages youth engagement for development and peace.

HSF colaborates with community programmes, using sport and culture to foster health, integration, volunteerism, leadership and cooperation amongst a network of players and coaches who believe in the power of sport to achieve these core values. HSF strives to create a fun environment where sport and culture meet.

HSF TEAMBUILDER.’ This international coaches program enables aspiring coaches/ educators to get first hand experience with an HSF host organization. The ‘TEAMBUILDER’ program is designed for men and women aged 22-30. TEAMBUILDER participant will be involved with all aspects of planning, logistics, scheduling and daily operations with the host clubs.

‘HSF TEAMMATES.‘ Travel, Play and Volunteer in some of the most interesting parts of the world. ‘HSF TEAMMATES’ programs are for male and female students aged 18-21 who have finished high school but have a desire to gain important international experience before moving on with the game of life. To learn more contact us for a full dossier.

PROJET PATIN. HSF brings together experienced coaches and future HSF participants to provide fun and active skating clinics to engage young people from various backgrounds. If you are a school,or a community organizations ‘PROJET PATIN’ can team up with you this winter.

email HSF — info@hockeysansfrontieres.org

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