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High-Tech Recruiting

On any given evening, in arenas throughout North America, professional watchers of hockey talent stand around in the cold, observing young men play the game, hoping to identify players that someday might play for their team.

Major midget coaches, junior scouts, college recruiters and even representatives of professional teams are constantly ducking in and out of rinks hoping that a worthy player will catch their eye.

In some cases, teams provide published programs regarding their hockey programs and it’s players, but in all cases a great deal of research needs to be done regarding the important facts associated with a prospective player.

According to “the rules”, college coaches and recruiters are limited in their personal contact with players. The NCAA, for example, forbids coaches from having face-to-face discussions with players prior to their senior year of high school.

The rules make it quite difficult for coaches  to identify players who may be serious about attending college (and playing hockey), and to learn additional information about prospective students.

If a coach attends a midget tournament, for example, and watches a game with 40 players on the ice, he often has no idea of which players may be interested in even attending college…, or who may be qualified for admittance…, or if a player may even be interested in a degree that his college offers….

Last winter/spring, we began experimenting with some concepts and  ideas that we felt would be effective for players and coaches. For several years, we had operated a website known as HockeyResumes.com and we has been using it to promote our clients, and we thought it would be a great opportunity to expand it’s reach and dynamics.

Following up on some of our ideas, we have now formed a partnership in HockeyResumes.com , which uses many of the same communication tools that today’s social media sites use and meets many of the requirements that coaches have identified as important to know about players.

As part of the HockeyResumes website, which is searchable by coaches and recruiters, players can upload “hockey and academic” information and credentials that would be of interest to those looking for future players for their teams.

We designed the site so there is no cost for a Basic Account . A Premium Account,  which allows for the uploading of video, etc. involves a small cost of about $75.

At the present time, only some of the aspects of the site are available for public viewing, but if you visit the site, you will get an idea of what it is all about. Programmers are finishing up some of it’s internal mechanisms and features, and migrating existing data.

A very unique  feature of the HockeyResumes program is that participating players can order crests and stickers with a unique player code that is linked to their profile on the HockeyResumes website.

These crests can be sewn onto players’ jerseys and/or stickers placed on their helmets, which can be scanned by a coaches through their smartphones.

Players and members of the general public will be able to view only a very small portion of a player’s profile (name, birthdate, position, team, league). Properly registered and accredited coaches will be able to view the player’s complete file, including video(s), stats, academic credentials, goals, references, admission test results, etc.

Coaches and recruiters can scan players’ crests and stickers and gather current and accurate information about players. Through the Program, coaces will be able to determine if a player is indeed interested in considering a prep school or college opportunity. He will then be able to determine if the player would meet the academic standards , and can view players stats and video, as well as the basic player information (birthdate, hometown, height, weight, etc.)

Subscribers of our newsletter are invited to visit the HockeyResumes.com website and sign up for a Free Premium Account which is being offered over the next few days, while the programmers finish off the site and migrate the data. This offer does not include the crests and stickers mentioned. There is an additional cost for these accessories.

Please visitt the site and have a bit of fun with it…, Please let the folks at HockeyResumes.com know your thoughts by writing them at feedback@hockeyresumes.com

You will begin seeing these crests and stickers and the codes printed in published programs at games, and you’ll remember that you heard about it here first.

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