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Career Opportunities



As the industry leader in our unique field of expertise, we are searching for two dynamic strategic business associates to help take our professional firm to the next level.

In every aspect of our business history, and in all interaction that we have with our clients and others, we constantly ask the question “why”…..

We constantly ask our clients to ask “Why”…..

If you are a person who is interested in helping develop a system and professional services for young hockey players and their families to help them make wise decisions, while helping them through development and promotional activities to maximize the possibility of leveraging their athletic  skills, then we would like to hear from you.

In the hockey world, too many decisions are made by players and families based on HYPE, and EGO…., rather than on common sense and strategic minds. Why?


Director of Business Development

In this role, you will focus on developing and implementing the specific steps required to maximize our corporate strategy whether it be through mergers, acquisitions, new market opportunities, licensing deals and/or alliances.

If you are an expert at making connections with external potential business partners and are strong in contract discussions and negotiations, we would like to hear from you.

This job will involve; (1) spending a lot of time on ideas that never get implemented, (2) working long hours,  in  a highly rewarding and unique profession.

As the successful candidate, in your initial role, you will further develop the frameworks and processes for growth and corporate efficiency. You will focus on the structure of the marketplace and the organization’s role within the marketplace, and help develop the strategies necessary to remain as the leader in providing future academic and athletic opportunities for our young clients, and their families.


Compliance Officer

With the unique opportunities for young hockey players to advance their educational and athletic opportunities through many different paths…, all with unique rules and regulations, we believe it is now time to have a full time Compliance Officer on staff to help help interpret the many rules and complex situations that players face today, and to help in the guidance of our young athletes and their families to ensure that they are fully compliant at the appropriate time.

Ideally, this individual will have an understanding of the many hockey options that exist for players, and have knowledge of USA Hockey, Hockey Canada, and IIHF  Regulations, as well as provincial and state policies, CIS and NCAA Rules and Regulations. We would anticipate that the individual would have a legal background, and perhaps have worked as a compliance officer at an NCAA Division 1 college that sponsors a men’s hockey program.

If one of these positions are of interest to you, please send your resume, in confidence, to David MacDonald at david@hockeyfamilyadvisor.com


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