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Our Personal Advisory Program

Our Personal Advisory Program is designed to help hockey players and their families make wise decisions, develop hockey skills, and to help catch the eye of various hockey coaches, recruiters and scouts for future opportunities.

We help answer the tough questions, and help players make the tough choices….

Over the years, we have seen many short-term decisions made without proper consideration of the long term consequences….

We work with the families of U-16 and U-18,  Midget and Junior-aged players to help provide guidance as they go about making the important decisions necessary to maximize the benefits of their academic and athletic careers.

We work with European, American and Canadian players through our Program; many of whom play midget, prep school, junior and college hockey throughout North America.

As part of our Program, we work with players to design a 4-5 year “road map”.

groupwhitbackgroundnames100We help open minds and  doors through personal introductions, strategic planning and research-based management. We provide advisory and promotional expertise regarding athletic opportunities, scholarships and financial aid  at various institutions, tailored for our clients’ set of unique circumstances.

Athletes who are interested in eventually pursuing the college route have very important academic and athletic decisions to make as early as grade 9. The earlier that these decisions are considered, the better the chances are that the student-athlete will achieve his long-term goals.

On occasion, we are contacted by players who are about to graduate from high school with exceptional grades, but who will not meet the academic requirements to play college hockey, and it is a real shame because in many cases it is too late.

We do not leave anything “to chance”. For every player client, it  is our objective to identify the route best suited to achieve their dreams using a clearly defined strategic path, while providing advice, guidance and support along the way.

Our services are suitable for players who are interested in pursuing: prep school, major junior, Junior “A” and/or the college routes. We also work with players who are currently playing at those levels and are looking for advice for help to move their game onto the next level(s).

One of our favourite quotes, and one of the underlying principles of our work,  is “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself. ” by Eleanor Roosevelt.

There are no right or wrong answers to many of the decisions that need to be made along the way…. and every player is different…. Wise choices  for one player  are likely not  going to good for another….

Through careful listening, guidance and promotion (as well as a lot of hard work and commitment to their dreams), it  is our goal  that every player we work with will experience tremendous success along their academic and athletic paths.

If you think we can help, please send a message to us.