I hope that this newsletter finds you, and your family well.
DavidPortraitByTenwoldeLeatherWhite-100We have been very busy this Spring at the Hockey Family Advisor offices, we even have to hire more people and look for some commercial office space for rent so we can fit everyone. Our clients have had unparalleled success at all levels of the game, and at school. We are so proud of every one of them.
I should first tell you that within the past month, my second son, Bradley, has joined John and I within our firm. At the present time, he is wrapping up his post-secondary schooling from Laurentian University, where he will graduate with an Honours, Bachelor of Commerce, in Sports Administration.He has also just finished up his CIS hockey career.
I am not 100% sure, but I believe that we might be the only father-son who will have graduated from this excellent Program, and I highly recommend our readers to consider it when they are considering options.
Regarding our clients, within the past few months, we have had several clients move from the amateur ranks, and begin to play professional hockey, and we look forward to continuing to follow their hockey careers.
Most important though, we have had many clients finish their professional playing careers this year, and decide to begin their professional working careers, and fortunately because of the wise decisions that they made as teenagers, they are beginning to transition very nicely. This is really were we get our most satisfaction.
We still have one more ’96 born player who needs to make a final decision, as to where he will play college / university hockey next season, but all others have made their decisions on where they will play and pursue their full-time post-secondary educations.
By this time next month, I am sure that we will be able to report a 100 % success rate, in this regard.
Some of our clients had unbelievable success in this year’s USHL Draft, and will have terrific recognition in other upcoming junior drafts.
Having said that, we remind players and parents that this process is a marathon, and not a sprint for most players.
JohnPortrait100Over the years, we have seen many players who had no idea of where they would attend school in the Fall, or to play junior hockey, but things always seem to have a way of working themselves out, through continued player dedication , and by having our ears very close to the ground. This includes midget, prep school, junior and college/university hockey.
A lot of decisions are yet to be made for players, and there is still lots (or almost “lots”) of time.
We remind players that it is always best to begin making plans as early as possible, and not just leaving things up to chance. There are certain steps that you can proactively take to ensure that you “get on the radar”.
More important, there are many booby-traps that can ruin the prospects of an (otherwise well-qualified) player from ever playing college hockey.
BradleyWithTrophySome of these mistakes that prevent players from being able to play college hockey occur as early as at 15 years of age.
Some of our clients have received excellent college commitments as young as 13 years of age, and we have had many more get offers as late as August of the year in which they go to college / university.
What we have noticed, over the years, is that the only similarity regarding the the path for each individual student-athlete is that each is different.
Are you doing the things that you need to do to achieve long-term success, in order to leverage your hockey skills to receive incredible benefits?
Are you sending those subtle hints that you wish to play college hockey, by enrolling in showcase events. With so many players playing the game these days, it is easy for recruiters to identify qualified players, and we recommend that you take the proactive steps to ensure that they know that you are interested in attending college / university.
If you need help identifying the best path forward, and help in making those important life-changing decisions, please drop us a line at info@hockeyfamilyadvisor.com