portraitSuitcoat100I hope this latest issue of our newsletter finds you well, and that you are getting all set for the busy holidays.
‘Tis is the season when a number of families are reflecting back over the last year (including hockey), and wonder where the year (or first part of the season) ever went…., and of course, it is natural to wonder what the future will bring, as well.
I often remind players that in the game of hockey, as with most sports, it is important to focus on the short-term and the things that you can control, and often the future will take form by itself.
However, when it comes to hockey, and leveraging one’s skills, in order to receive an education, it is often the long-term strategic decisions which players and families make, which will determine whether one maximizes their possible opportunities.
As we begin to think about the New Year, ab=nd what us truly possible, I remind you to use your head to make such decisions, and not to allow ego to get in the way.
If you think we can help, please do not hesitate to drop us a line.
Wishing you, and your family, all the very best of this holiday season, I remain,