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A couple was sitting at the breakfast table. The wife looked over to the next door neighbour’s yard and noticed that her neighbour was hanging her clothes outside to dry.

The wife remarked that the clothes looked “dingy”.

She commented that the neighbour must be using cheap detergent, or not washing the clothes properly.

Over the next week, on a couple of occasions, the neighbour was hanging her clothes and  the wife continued to make comments of how her neighbour was not a competent clothes washer, and how dirty the clothes must be.

The following week, the wife noticed how bright and beautiful the neighbour’s clothes were, and how the neighbour must have changed detergents or learned to use her washer properly, and she commented on it.

The husband, who was reading the newspaper  at the time, looked up and said, “Yesterday, I washed the windows“….

This is a story that I can relate to every day in the activities that I do as I go about talking to teams about players that I work with.

I often run into situations where players are observed through tainted or pre-judged “windows”. This most often is the result of a recruiter not doing his job properly, and relying on another person’s opinion….. It happens every day.

In most cases, the very first things that we do when we begin working with new clients is ensure that the “windows are clean”. “I do windows!”

Just a thought as we enter the important second half of the season.



David MacDonald, SPAD
Hockey Family Advisor


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