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Reach Your Full Potential


David MacDonald, and the Hockey Family Advisory staff, work with hockey players and their families to help identify opportunities in which players can leverage their athletic skills to receive immediate and future benefits, as they go about improving their game and expanding their educational opportunities.

“Our clients include young players who play at the prep school, major midget, U-16 and U-18 programs, Junior “A”, Major Junior and college hockey (both NCAA and CIS), levels throughout all of North America.”

We work with a limited number of hockey players of each birth year and help them identify and put in place a strategic plan to enable them to achieve their athletic and academic goals. We undertake promotional activities to help our clients receive proper placements.

Each fall, many of our clients attend prep school and college programs on scholarships and bursaries, enabling them to pursue their athletic and academic dreams, while positioning themselves for tremendous future opportunities.

In addition to the many academic and hockey questions, we help players and their families identify and negotiate the important things that should be taken into account by every student-athlete who is interested in playing at the next levels.

Please contact us if you think you could put our experience and expertise to work for you.


The Season Is Knocking At The Door



Welcome to our  latest newsletter.

The past few weeks have been extremely busy and exciting for us at Hockey Family Advisor.

The next few weeks will prove to be very busy for everyone, as they get ready to head back to school and their various hockey programs, and everything else that happens at this time of the year…..

In this newsletter, we have included a number of articles to help players and families get focused on some of the important things to consider, as the hockey season gets ready to open again. We hope you enjoy them.

Last week, I was in the New England area and made a swing through a number of exciting tournaments and saw a number of our clients play, and I was able also to visit with a number of prep schools, junior and college programs.

ItsNotAboutMeThrough face-to-face meetings, we were able to place a number of our clients in more favourable positions than they otherwise would have been for this upcoming season, and we are still making calls and banging on plenty of doors for others for this season and for years down the road.

While visiting Northeastern University last Thursday, I shot the photo to the left, which is of the tunnel under the bleachers, from which the players enter the ice.

I thought you’d appreciate it’s message, and I urge you to reflect upon it as you enter the hockey season, and continue in every aspect of your lives.

All the very best, as you prepare and enjoy the last few weeks of summer. I hope it is / was a great one for you.

If you ever think we can help, please do not hesitate to drop me a line.


David MacDonald, SPAD
Hockey Family Advisor




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